Our experts and trainers can help you

You are a junior and you need a quick levelling ?


Open bar training

6-Month rookie bootcamp

Our trainers and experts will focus on:

  • Let’s see what you are good at and where you want to go.

  • Improve your weaknesses first.

  • Learn new skills in a second time.

    … and help ONGs at the same time !

Précomp %206

Continuous learning

It’s crucial for us to keep the team up-to-date.
That’s why we have a team of experts continuously focused on new and mature technologies to be able to train our squads.

Trusted external training partners

Next event to meet the troops

#Talk : Micro Frontend with module federation

Module Federation allows loading Micro Frontends at runtime. Common dependencies like Angular or any library can be shared and hence don't need to be loaded several times. This is also the key for sharing data like the application state.


Feel free to contact us for any question. Our team is always glad to help you on your projects.


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