We take
good care
of the squad.

Our culture didn’t happen by accident, we create it by drawing on our executives’ experience, we consistently analyse how we can make it better, and we make adjustments on regular basis.

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We designed a flexible mobility policy that can be adapted to your habits and values. It’s no longer a big car or public transportation but a mobility budget that you can spend your way.



By working at Satellit, sure, we’ll pay you on a regular basis, but the benefits extend far beyond an electronic deposit in your bank account.



At Satellit, we particularly pay attention to our people and their family. The work life balance is important and we therefore allow them to work from home when it is possible.



At Satellit, we give you the opportunity to manage the evolution of your career and to decide which role will fit you the best, in regards with your preferences. 

a good package

We keep our team satisfied by offering them the chance to work on rewarding projects within a challenging environment.

  • We offer training opportunities to keep pace with the latest technologies and provide regular and personal follow-up during the different missions on the clients' site.

  • For each of our consultants, we make sure that they will work in great conditions and that they also have a good work-life balance.

Discover our Training Center

Most importantly, we value direct access to the management to make business in an human way.

Join the team

At Satellit, you’ll find a diverse mix of bright employees who are often called the smartest people in the room. But don't worry. Things like that don’t go to our head. There is always more to learn.

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Step 1

Your first 6 months at Satellit will be at the Training center getting news skills and learning our way of working.

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Step 2

Then, you get integrated in the team and meet your mentor.

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Step 3

Finally you get your first mission and meet your client.


Job offers

Discover our job opportunities. We are always looking for new profiles. Feel free to contact us spontaneously.

Meet your colleagues

They make Satellit a
nice place.

We asked our squad what they were thinking about working with us.



For me, Satellit is a very human company, which empowers consultants in their careers.
I have the opportunity to be able to train myself according to my ambitions and to choose the missions that interest me the most.



At SatellIt, we really feel supported in our projects and our aspirations. Everything is at our disposal so that we can develop skills, and all this while keeping a very appreciable human side!



Arriving as an intern at Satellit, I benefited from personalized support, field experience and extensive training. This allowed me to approach my first mission with serenity and to flourish in my work.



What I like within Satellit is about how it's a true consultancy company: there are real following of peoples and their needs, during mission or outside. You receive true professional trainings and not obscure promise or tutorial to do on your free time on your own expense. People are open and straightforward which result in a very sane and clean relationship with your employer. 

Feel free to contact us for any question. Our team is always glad to help you on your projects.


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