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Our Satellit team found life on Planet Developer… and activate it with new events. Check here our agenda and the latest stories of our squad.


Satellit’s community

Each month, we meet with the community of Brussels Developers. The goal is to learn together, connect and sometimes drink a good beer.

Upcoming events

January 2023

Svelte, the only enjoyable javascript framework to use.

November 2022

Building faster with Astro JS

Past Meetups

  • October 2022

    Cross-platform with Maui and Kubernetes

  • September 2022

    Blazor and Micro-frontend

  • June 2022

    Azure Bicep

  • May 2022


  • April 2022

    Application insights

  • March 2022

    B2C & PowerBI

  • February 2022

    ADB2C & Minimal API

  • January 2022

    Azure Virtual Network

  • November 2021

    Angular Security

  • November 2021

    Why are we agile ?

What’s happening ?

Svelte, the only enjoyable javascript framework to use.

21th of Jan - 15:20

Explore a new way of building web apps with a component framework that runs a build time. Reunite ambitious applications with excellent performances.

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Satellit Meetup002

AstroJS - Expert sessions Ep. 03

22th of Nov - 13:10

28th of Nov. - 8.30pm : Lets have a look at AstroJS, the new competitor of the "metaframework" while building an app from scratch.
This will cover the basic concepts of the framework together with extra integrations

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Satellit Meetup002

Satellit's Expert sessions Ep. 02

22th of October - 15:20

Let's meet again on the 24th during the second episode of our experts talks. We'll introduce #kubernetes before a deep dive in the next episodes on that subject and have a look at #Maui for cross-platform applications.

7.30pm : A quick history of virtualization and Kubernetes, its key concepts & how to host a simple application on AKS.
8.30pm : .NET Maui is the next evolution of Xamarin Forms, take the time to understand how to use XAML or Blazor to create your UI.

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Satellit Meetup002

Satellit's Expert sessions S02E01

13th of September - 17:42

It’s back and open to the community !

Season 2 of our online experts’ discussions will start on the 26th of September. Last year, Satellit’s sessions were accessible for our employees only. Starting this year they are extended to all our contacts.

Don’t forget to register via this link to attend our Teams event.

Blazor WebAssembly

We’ll start with Esteban speaking about Blazer WebAssembly. During this session we'll have a look at the different cases where it could be the winner’s choice with all the requirements expected for an entreprise-level application.

Micro-frontend with module federation

Fabien's presentation will start by a quick explanation of micro-frontends: why they are useful ? How to implement them ?
Then, we will deep dive into the module federation using Webpack and Angular CLI. Finally, how to handle shared libraries between the different micro-frontends and the various solutions to tackle the mismatches between versions.

2 days at Techorama

26th of May - 16:35

IMG_0669%202 2
Work hard play hard.

From May 24th to 25th we took our entire team to Techorama in Antwerp. 2 days to focus and update our understanding of the Microsoft technologies. Those 2 days were also a good opportinuty to spend time together after a long period of homeworking.

« Sir, a table for 30 ! »

Relaxing after a whole day of conferences is mandatory! We decided to book a table and rooms for our 30 employees, allowing them to enjoy some cocktails and the early talks without having to worry about the traffic.

« I hope my wife will say yes » 

This event was also the occasion to meet the market and present our approach. In order to do it the fun way, we installed 3 arcade machines at our booth. If it was not exciting enough… each day, we offered one of those machine to the best player. We had no idea that so many players would actually be scared to win… by having to tell their spouses that an arcade machine would soon take place in their living room.

Feel free to contact us for any question. Our team is always glad to help you on your projects.


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